Smart Fake Call App

Are you trapped in endless dinner or stuck in an hour-long meeting, just praying that it will all be over soon ? If you are not good with creating a false story to escape, why not make use of your smartphone to create the perfect excuse. If the meeting happens all the sudden and you were expecting it too long, your friends can’t call you to give you an excuse to leave the meeting politely. But if you don’t have that funny friend, or need a quick solution, you can actually schedule fake calls with the Smart Fake Call app, which is available on both Google Play and iTunes stores.

Smart Fake Call has great features to schedule quick calls to let you escape annoying date or meeting or create a perfect prank with your friend. The application has been developed by Techno Keet Pvt. Ltd and is completely free. Upload image of your favorite celebrity or politician and schedule a fake call with this useful mobile application.


Smart Fake Call

 It has the following features

  1. Get an immediate fake call on a single tap
  2.  Schedule multiple fake calls for various occassion
  3.  Set contact of your choice
  4. Choose your preferred recording for fake calls
  5. Change call background of your choice
  6. Upload any image from your device of your choice along with the caller name
  7.  Support 15 languages

appStore googleplay-e1454061494239

Download it now and share with your friends. Android version of smart fake call has the ability to schedule fake text messages as well. This application is completely for entertainment. Misuse of the application for illegal purposes is highly discouraged. Smart Fake Call has been downloaded by over million-users and has been received appreciation from across the globe. Enjoy this wonderful app for free.



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